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Betty Schindler MBA, DDS

Practice Limited to Endodontics

13360 North 94th Drive Suite C • Peoria, AZ 85381 • (623) 933-1986

Dr. Schindler is committed to continuing education. She strives to provide the highest level of endodontic care to her patients, utilizing the latest techniques and equipment. Materials and technology advance rapidly, and it is important to keep up to date. Dr. Schindler attends continuing education lectures throughout the year to ensure her knowledge and skills are current.


1/9 Spear Study Club: Managing Implant Patients Who Have Gone Through Craniofacial Growth, Dr. Ricardo Mitrani, Peoria, AZ, 3 credit hours.

2/13 Spear Study Club: Root Fractures - An Interdisciplinary Approach, Lou Berman, Peoria, AZ, 3 credit hours.

2/21 Comprehensive Care Study Club: A Problem Solving Workshop: Handling the Tough Questions, Forrest Cottrell, Glendale, AZ, 2.5 credit hours.

3/13 Spear Study Club: Interdisciplinary Treatment of Dental Erosion, Dr. Ricardo Mitrani, Peoria, AZ, 3 credit hours.

3/16 New Jersey Association of Endodontics: Guided Endodontics; Saving Teeth through Sound Science; Complex Anatomy; Too much medicine; The ABC's of CBCT, Dr. Joseph Chikvashvili, Newark, NJ, 6 credit hours.

3/21 Comprehensive Care Study Club: Trefoil: an All-on-3 Concept for the Mandible Problems and Solutions with All-on-4, Gracie Pearson, Mike Fortuna C.D.T., Glendale, AZ, 3 credit hours.

3/22 Professional Protector Plan, Control, Protocol and Risk Management, Phoenix, AZ, 1 credit hour.


1/10 Spear Study Club: Treatment Planning and Phasing a Comprehensive Case, Dr.Greggory Kinzer, Peoria, AZ, 3 credit hours. 

1/11 Comprehensive Care Study Club: Growing Your Practice with Dental Implants, Dr. Mike Meek, Glendale, AZ, 3 credit hours.

1/26 Comprehensive Care Study Club: Implant Soft Tissue Management, Glendale, AZ, 6 credit hours. 

2/7 Spear Study Club: Remove and Implant vs. Retain and Restore, Dr. Steve Ratcliff, Peoria, AZ 3 credit hours. 

2/9 Comprehensive Care Study Club: Digital Smile Design, Glendale, AZ, 7 credit hours. 

3/23 Arizona Endodontic Association: Why Restorative Dentists Care About Endodontic Access. Root Amputation: What is Possible?, Dr. Pushpak Narayana, Scottsdale, AZ 4 credit hours. 

5/3 Comprehensive Care Study Club: Implant Complications: Managing Peri-Implantitis, Dr. Greg Kammeyer, Dr. Mark Hughes, Glendale, AZ, 2.5 credit hours. 

6/14 Implant Direct, Peri Implantitis: What Can We Do?, Dr. Larry Ambrose, Peoria, AZ, 3 credit hours.

6/29-6/30 International Academy of Endodontics: 7th Annual Scientific Session, Scottsdale, AZ, 11 credit hours.

7/11 HPTC, OSHA Certificate of Training, Berkeley Lopez, Peoria, AZ

7/11 Spear Study Club: Patients Who Desire an Anterior Restoration and Have a Deep Overbite, Dr. Frank Spear, Peoria, AZ, 3 credit hours. 

9/25 Comprehensive Care Study Club: Mini Implants and Zirconia Implants: Advantages and Pitfalls, Case Treatment Planning, Dr. Greg Kammeyer, Dr. Ed Pardo, Glendale, AZ, 2.5 credit hours.

10/4-10/6 TDO, TDO User Group Meeting, Pacific Endodontic Research Foundation, San Diego, CA, 21 credit hours. 

10/10 Spear Study Club: Biologic Width Violations, Over-prepared Teeth, and Legal Considerations in Taking Over a Case Mid-Treatment, Dr. Courtney Lavigne, Peoria, AZ, 3 credit hours. 

10/25 Comprehensive Care Study Club: Too Much Medicine? Too Much Dentistry?, Dr. John Khademi, Glendale, AZ, 2.5 credit hours.

11/2 Arizona Endodontic Association: Dynamically Guided Endodontics, Dr. Charles Maupin, Scottsdale, AZ, 4 credit hours.

11/10 Horizon Dental Institute: Introduction To The GentleWave Procedure, Scottsdale, AZ, 8 credit hours. 

11/14 Spear Study Club: Treating the Terminal Dentition with Bi-Maxillary Implant Supported Fixed Solutions, Ricardo Mitrani, Peoria, AZ, 3 credit hours.




1/11 Spear Study Club: Anterior Trauma and Fractured Teeth, Steve Ratcliff,DDS,MS, Peoria, AZ 3 credit hours.

01/12 Comprehensive Care Study Club: Diagnosis and Treatment of the Worn Dentition, Greg Kammeyer, DDS, MS, Glendale, AZ, 3.5 credit hours.

02/15 Comprehensive Care Study Club: Treatment Panning a Complex Implant Case, Greg Kammeyer, DDS, MS, Glendale, AZ, 2.5 credit hours. 

3/08 Spear Study Club: Records and Referrals, Steve Ratcliff, DDS,MS, Peoria, AZ 3 credit hours.

03/11 NJAE Marc Balson Endodontic Symposium: The Non-Odontogenic Toothache, Black Death & The Dental Pulp, The Interpretive Process of Endodontic Imaging, Drs. Jeffrey P. Okeson;David Figdor;John F. Hatton, Newark, NJ, 6 credit hours.

3/14 Comprehensive Care Study Club: Team Communication Roundtable, Greg Kammeyer, DDS,MS, Glendale, AZ 2.5 credit hours.

5/4 Study Club Live WebCast: Photography, DSD, Rubberdamology, Indirect Anteriors and Posteriors In/Onlays, Dr. Maxim Belograd, Peoria, AZ, 1.75 credit hours.

5/9 Comprehensive Care Study Club: Literature Review on Sinus Bone Regeneration & Treatment Planning an Esthetics Case, Greg Kammeyer, DDS,MS, Glendale, AZ, 2.5 credit hours.

5/13 Online Independent Self-Study Course, Ethics and Jurisprudence for Dental Professionals, Dr. Tom Karginis, DMD, Scottsdale, AZ, 3 credit hours.

5/13 Academy of Dental Learning Self Course, Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency, Howard J. Pactovis, D.M.D., Scottsdale,AZ, 3 credit hours. 

6/1 - 6/2 Spear Study Club, The Art of Treatment Planning and Case Presentation, Frank Spear, DDS,MSD, Greggory Kinzer, DDS,MSD, Ricardo Mitrani,DDS,MSD, Scottsdale, AZ, 14 credit hours. 

6/30-7/1 International Academy of Endodontics, 6th Annual Scientific Session, Scottsdale, AZ, 10 credit hours

07/12 Spear Study Club, Cody- Young Patient with Severe Tooth Wear, Steve Ratcliff, DDS,MS, Peoria, AZ, 3 credit hours.

08/09 Spear Study Club, Oscar - Traumatic Avulsion of an Anterior Segment in a Very Young Patient, Steve Ratcliff, DDS,MS, Peoria, AZ, 3 credit hours.

9/14-9/16 TDO, TDO User Group Meeting, Pacific Endodontic Research Foundation, San Diego, CA, 15 credit hours.

9/29 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Cone Beam Pathology, Dale A. Miles, DDS,MS, Glendale, AZ, 3.5 credit hours. 

10/26 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Literature Review on Cement vs. Screw Retained Implant Restorations and Case Presentation, Greg Kammeyer, DDS,MS, Betty Schindler, MBA,DDS, Glendale, AZ, 2.5 credit hours. 

11/3 Arizona Endodontic Association, Image Guided Endodontics, Acute Myofacial Pain and the Endodontic Connection, Rahim Karmali, DDS, Scottsdale, AZ 4 credit hours.

11/17 Comprehensive Care Study Club, The Psychology of Case Acceptance, Dr. Brooke Albright, Glendale, AZ, 3.5 credit hours. 

Continuing Education


1/6 Comprehensive Care Study Club: Treatment Planning Led by Study Club Members, Greg Kammeyer, DDS, Glendale AZ, 3 credit hours. 

1/13 Spear Study Club,Surgically Assisted Osteogenic Orthodontics, Steve Ratcliff, DDS, MS, Peoria, AZ, 3 credit hours. 

1/30 International Academy of Endodontics- Dallas, Texas, 10 credit hours. 

2/5 Comprehensive Care Study Club: Management of Periodontal Patients with a High Risk for Caries, Greg Kammeyer, DDS, Glendale AZ 4 credit hours.

2/10 Spear Study Club: Treating Wear in the Bulimic Patient, Steve Ratcliff,DDS,MS, Peoria, AZ 1 credit hour.

3/4 Comprehensive Care Study Club: New endodontic decision making based on a Modern understanding of the Biology and disease vs disease that matters, Greg Kammeyer, DDS, Glendale AZ, 4.5 hours. 

3/12 NJAE Smposium-Myofascial Pain and the Endodontic Connection;100 years of Endodontic Access; Regenerative Endodontics, Dr. Rahim Karali; Dr. Pushpak narayana; Dr. Kenneth M. Hargreaves, Livingston, New Jersey, 10 credit hours. 

4/1 Comprehensive Care Study Club: The All On 4 Experience: Planning, Progress, and Pitfalls", Dr. Steve Parel, Glendale, AZ 85308, 7.5 credit hours. 

4/13 Spear Study Club: Introduction to the Esthetic Analysis, Steve Ratcliff,DDS,MS, Peoria, AZ, 3 credit hours.

4/22 Brown & Brown of Arizona, Inc.: Risk Management Seminar: Jurisprudence; Multi Disciplinary, Dr. Jill Baskin, Phoenix, AZ 85034, 4.5 credit hours. 

5/11 Spear Study Club: Trusting the Treatment Planning Process from Beginning to End, Steve Ratcliff,DDS,MS, Peoria, AZ, 1 credit hour.

6/08 Spear Study Club: Unesthetic Anterior Implant, Steve Ratcliff,DDS,MS, Peoria, AZ, 1 credit hour.

6/15 OSHA training, Berkeley Lopez, Henry Schein Dental, FSC, Peoria, AZ, 3 credit hours. 

7/20 Spear Study Club: Orthodontic Extrusion and Implant Sites, Steve Ratcliff,DDS,MS, Peoria, AZ, 2 credit hours.

7/21 Women In Dentistry: Pathways to Leadership, Irene Marron-Tarrazzi,DMD, Paradise Valley, AZ 3 credit hours.

8/10 Spear Study Club: Edentulous Restoration with Known Parafunction, Steve Ratcliff,DDS,MS, Peoria, AZ, 1 credit hour. 

8/18 MicroSurgical Endodontic Education: Treatment Considerations in Endodontics Affecting Long-Term Patient Outcomes, Marc Balson,DDS, Phoenix, AZ 3 credit hours.

8/19 Spear Study Club: Connecting Teeth and Implants II, Frank Spear, DDS,MSD, Peoria,AZ 1.15 credit hours.

9/14 Spear Study Club: Endo vs. Extraction in a Fractured Anterior Tooth, Steve Ratcliff,DDS,MS, Peoria, AZ, 3 credit hours. 

9/22 Comprehensive Care Study Club: Marketing to Help Patients Accept Treatment, Greg Kammeyer,DDS,MS, Glendale,AZ 2.5 credit hours.

9/29 American Emergency Response Training, CPR Certification, Peoria, AZ 1.5 credit hours.

10/6 TDO, Scientific Session, Pacific Endodontic Research Foundation, San Diego, CA 7 credit hours.

10/7-10/8 TDO, TDO User Group Meeting, Pacific Endodontic Research Foundation, San Diego, CA, 14 credit hours.

10/19 Spear Study Club: A Dual-arch Hybrid Prosthesis Using Guided Surgery, Steve Ratcliff,DDS,MS, Peoria, AZ 3 credit hours.

11/10 Comprehensive Care Study Club: What does the latest research say about airway and sleep medicine?, Glendale,AZ 2.5 credit hours.

12/1-12/2 Spear Study Club: Treating the Worn Dentition, Frank Spear,DDS,MSD, and Greggory Kinzer,DDS,MSD, Scottsdale, AZ 14 credit hours. 







12/09 Spear Study Club, Optimizing Acceptance of the Interdisciplinary Case, Steve Ratcliff, DDS,MS, Peoria,AZ, 3 credit hours.

11/11 Comprehensive Care Study Club an Affiliate of Seattle Study Club, Updates from the Arizona Board of Dental Examiners & the Arizona Dental Board,         Elaine Hugunin, MA & Dr. Sam Palmer, Glendale AZ, 3 credit hours.

11/5 Arizona Endodontic Association, Acute and Chronic Rhino-Sinusitis, The Diagnostics, Non-Surgical and Surgical Treatments Available, as well as Prevalence  Odontogenic Sinusitis, Dr. Tim Haegen, Gilbert, AZ, 2 credit hours

10/30 Comprehensive Care Study Club an Affiliate of Seatttle Study Club, Cutting Edge Products for Clinical Excellence, Derek Hein,Glendale AZ, 7 credit hours

10/27 Dental Study Club, Patient Centered Outcomes In Endodontics, Dr. Glen Doyon, Scottsdale, AZ, 2 credit hours. 

10/14 Spear Study Club, Gingiva Asymetry and the Wear Case, Frank Spear, DDS, MS, Peoria, AZ, 3 credit hours

10/3 TDO, TDO User Group Meeting, Pacific Endodontic Research Foundation, San Diego, CA 7 units

10/2 TDO, TDO User Group Meeting, Pacific Endodontic Research Foundation, San Diego, CA 7 units

10/1 TDO, TDO Scientific Session, Pacific Endodontic Research Foundation, San Diego, CA 7 units

9/11 Spear Study Club, Creating Esthetic Excellence, Frank Spear DDS, MSD, Gregg Kinzer DDS, MSD,  Peoria, AZ 15 credit hours

8/12 Spear Study Club, Restoring Endodontically Treated Teeth and Implants vs. a 3 - unit Bridge, Steve Ratcliff, DDS, MS, Peoria, AZ 3 credit hours

8/11 Spear Study Club, Loss of a Single Anterior Tooth, Frank Spear,DDS,MSD, Peoria,AZ 1 credit hour

8/11 Spear Study Club, Esthetic Techniques & Materials: Provisional Restorations, Dr. Greggory Kinzer, Peoria,AZ 1 credit hour

7/8 Spear Study Club, Phasing a Well-planned Comprehensive Case, Steve Ratcliff, DDS, MS, Peoria AZ 3 credit hours

6/25 Implant Direct/KaVo Kerr Group, Dental Implant Forensics, Darwin Bagley CDT,AS and Stephen Folson DDS, MS, Peoria, AZ 3 credit hours

6/10 Spear Study Club, Introduction to the Esthetic Analysis, Steve Ratcliff, DDS, MS, Peoria, AZ 3 credit hours

6/9 Spear Study Club, Knowing Your Esthetic Patient, Frank Spear, DDS, MSD, Peoria, AZ 1 credit hour

6/9 Spear Study Club, Integrating Esthetics and Function in Wear Patients,  Frank Spear, DDS, MSD, Peoria, AZ 1 credit hour

6/8 Spear Study Club, Lab Communication-Communicating Significant Changes in Tooth Position to the Technician, Greggory Kinzer, Peoria AZ 1 credit hour

6/8 Spear Study Club, What Can We Learn From Mounted Models,            Greggory Kinzer, Peoria, AZ 1 credit hour

6/8 Spear Study Club, Vertical Positioning of the Incisal Edge of Maxillary Incisors, Frank Spear, DDS, MSD, Peoria, AZ 1 credit hour

6/7 Spear Study Club, Using the EFSB System to Treatment Plan Wear Patients, Frank Spear, DDS, MSD, Peoria AZ 1 credit hour

5/13 Spear Study Club, Losing a Single Central Incisor:An Implant Solution, Steve Ratcliff, DDS, MS, Peoria, AZ 3 credit hours

4/18 AZ Endodontic Association, The Disease Model in Endodontics-Time for a Reappraisal, Dr. Gary B. Carr, Paradise Valley, AZ 4 credit hours

4/15 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Oral Cancer Exams, Common Pathology, an Update on Bisphosphonates and Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Brad Hammond, Glendale, AZ 3 credit hours

4/8 Spear Study Club, Comparison Between Restoring Poorly Placed Implants and Carefully Planned and Well Placed Implant, Steve Ratcliff, DDS, MS, Peoria, AZ 3 credit hours

3/25 Spear Study Club, Education Without Action is Entertainment,              Steve Ratcliff, DDS, MS, Peoria, AZ 3 credit hours

3/14 New Jersey Association of Endodontics, 18th Annual NJAE Marc Balson Endodontic Symposium, Drs. Keith Kanter, Ivan Vyuchnov, Thuan Dao, Shimon Friedman, Newark, NJ 6 credit hours

2/20 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Airway and Sleep Prosthodontics - An Introduction to the Future of Restorative Dentistry, Jeffrey S. Rouse, D.D.S., Glendale, AZ 6 credit hours

1/31-2/1 International Academy of Endodontics, Annual Scientific Session,Dallas, TX. 11 credit hours

1/23 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Soft Tissue Regeneration to Stop Recession, Implant Maintenance Therapy: An Evidence-Based Approach, Postural Stress Related to Dentistry-Implications & Recommendations, Dr. Jason J. Augustine, Susan Wingrove, RHD,BS, Nancy J. Miller, BA, Glendale, AZ. 4 credit hours

1/10 International Dental Seminars, Renaissance In Local Anesthesia, Dr. Stanley F. Malamed, Phoenix, AZ 7 credit hours

1/9 International Dental Seminars, Emergency Medicine In Dentistry, Dr. Stanley F. Malamed, Phoenix, AZ 7 credit hours



10/7  Comprehensive Care Study Club, Treatment Planning. Dr. Patrick Carr, Glendale, AZ,  2.5 credit hours.

10/5  Restorative Dentistry for Endodontics-Hands on Workshop, Dr. Richard Schwartz, Dr. Marga Ree, Dr. Ron Fransman, San Diego, CA  8 credit hours.

10/2-10/4  TDO Scientific Session and User Group Meeting, San Diego, CA  24 credit hours.

9/17  Comprehensive Care Study Club, Lasers in Dentistry, Dr. Don Hildebrandt, Dr. Jeff Kleiman, Jeanne Godett, RDH, Glendale, AZ  2.5 credit hours.

8/20  Orofacial Pain, Basic Management & Treatment of TMJ, Dr. Stan Farrell, Dr. Shawn Bader, Dr. Douglas Benting, Dr. Reed Day, Scottsdale, AZ, 2.0 credit hours.

7/24  New Concepts in the Pursuit of Endodontic Excellence "A Conservative Treatment Approach", Dr. Charles Maupin, Scottsdale, AZ  3.0 credit hours.

7/11 "Finising at the Top! Mastering Invisalign" The Magic Behind A Smile, Dr. Daniel German, Park City, UT  8.0 credit hours.

6/22  Ethics, On-line course, 3.0 credit hours

6/7  Central AZ Dental Hygienists' Society, Stressless: The Silent Killer in Dentistry, Jen Butler M.Ed, CPC, BCC, Glendale, AZ  3.0 credit hours

5/13  Comprehensive Care Study Club, Beyond Insurance Driven Conversations: Are You Talking About Benefits or Benefits?, Mary H. Osbourne, Glendale, AZ  4.0 credit hours.

4/23  Comprehensive Care Study Club, Full Mouth Treatment: Invisalign Limitations & Efficient Full Mouth Treatment, Dr. Thomas Shipley, Dr. Jerry Burns, Glendale, AZ  2.5 credit hours.

4/5  AZ Endodontic Association, The Great Pretenders: Strategies in understanding when pain is NOT of Odontogenic origin, Dr. Donna Mattscheck, Scottsdale, AZ  4.0 credit hours

3/26  Comprehensive Care Study Club, Case Evaluations & Treatment Planning: Full Mouth Restorative Dentistry, Dr. Greg Kammeyer, Sun City West, AZ  2.5 credit hours

3/15  New Jersey Endodontic Association, Endodontic Winter Symposium, Dr. John Khademi, Dr. Gilberto Debelian, Dr. Gary Carr, Dr. Martin Trope, Dr. Sashi Nallapati, Dr. Steven Baerg, Newark, NJ,  6.0 credit hours.

2/28  Comprehensive Care Study Club, Empowering Your Team to Deal with the Challenges of the Future, Dr. Mark Setter, Glendale, AZ  6.5 credit hours.

2/22 - 2/23  American Academy of Restorative Dentistry, Annual Scientific Session, Chicago, IL,  12 credit hours.

1/8  Comprehensive Care Study Club, Pharmacology: Being Current with the State of the Art, Dr. Scott Van DaHuvel, CBCT in Endodontics, Dr. Betty Schindler, Glendale, AZ  3.0 credit hours


12/5  Comprehensive Care Study Club, Contemporary Implant Dentistry: Advances in our Knowledge for Changing TImes, Chris Stahle, Nobel Biocare, Glendale, AZ 3 credit hours.

11/23  AZ Endodontic Association, Endodontic Challenges and Opportunities, Dr. Alan Law, Phoenix, AZ 4 credit hours.

 11/11 How CBCT Technology Can Revolutionize Your Clinical Practice, Dr. Bradley S. McAllister, Scottsdale, AZ 2 credit hours.

11/7 Treatment Planning for Dental Implants from Placement to Final Restoration, Dr. Stephen Folson, Ura Simonov CDT, Peoria, AZ 2 credit hours.

11/6 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Occlusion in Every Day Practice: Why We Care About TMD/Airway, Glendale, AZ 3 credit hours.

10/4 Comprehensive Care Study ClubStaying Ahead of the Curve with Computerization & Social Media, Dr. Larry Emmott, Glendale, AZ 3 credit hours.

9/26-9/28 TDO Scientific Session and User Meeting, San Diego, CA 24 credit hours.

9/18 Comprehensive Care Study Club, What Our Club Can Do for You & What is New?, Dr. Kleiman, Dr. Aaron Laws, Glendale, AZ 2.5 credit hours. 

5/18 The Older Adult: The New Face of Addiction, Ann Spolarich RDH,PhD, Phoenix, AZ 3 credit hours. 

5/17 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Oral Plastic Surgery to Enhance the Restorative Outcome, W. Peter Nordland DMD, MS, Glendale, AZ 4 credit hours.

4/26  CNA, Dr. Robert Monahan, Phoenix, AZ 4.5 credit hours.

3/27 Comprehensive Care Study Club, NuCalm, Anxiolysis, Oral & IV Sedation, Jim Poole MBA, Greg Kammeyer DDS, MS, Glendale, AZ 2.5 credit hours. 

3/9 New Jersey Association of Endodontics, Newark, NJ 6 credit hours.

2/13 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Problem Solving for the most Challenging Situations, Forrest Cottrell, Glendale, AZ 2.25 credit hours. 

2/2-2/3 IAE, Annual Scientific Session, Dallas, TX 11 credit hours. 

1/29 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Treatment Planning: Planning Treatment Options for Comprehensive Care, Dr. Jeff Kleiman, Dr. Don Hildebrandt, Peoria, AZ 2.25 credit hours. 









12/7 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Bread and Butter Adhesive and Esthetic Dentistry, Dr. Harold Heymann, Glendale, AZ 2.25 credit hours. 

11/9 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Restorative Implant Dentistry "Try Something New", Dr. Rick Sullivan, Glendale, AZ 6 credit hours. 

9/20-9/22 TDO Scientific Session and User Meeting, San Diego, CA 24 credit hours. 

9/13 Comprehensive Care Study Club, The Endo-Restorative Interface: Current Concepts, Dr. Richard Schwartz, Glendale, AZ 1.75 credit hours. 

8/23 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Business Strategies & Recession Proofing Your Practice, Dr. Howard Farran, Glendale, AZ 3 credit hours. 

5/17 Comprehensive Care Study Club, What Do Labs Want? What Do Dentists Want?, Mike Fortuna, Rusty, Tracy Bischof, Kevin Mueller, Ed Pardo, Steven Kammeyer, Glendale, AZ 2.5 credit hours. 

4/26 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Interdisciplinary Work Showcase, Dr. Schindler, Dr. Shipley, Glendale, AZ 2.75 credit hours. 

4/4 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Centric Relation Records, Dr. Mueller, Dr. Douglas, Dr. Dobrikov, Sun City West, AZ 2.5 credit hours.

3/2 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Global Diagnosis: A New Vision of Dental Diagnosis & Treatment Planning, Dr. Jeffrey Rouse, Glendale, AZ 5.25 credit hours. 

2/29 Dentsply, The Tissue Care Concept: A Contemporary Approach to Aesthetic Implants, Dr. Nigel Saynor, Scottsdale, AZ 3 credit hours. 

2/15 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Adjunctive Microbial Treatment for Questionable Periodontal Teeth and Ailing Dental Implants, Marci Gill RDH, Tara Robinson RDH, Beck Abrahams RDH, Dr. Kammeyer, Glendale, AZ 2.25 credit hours. 

1/31 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Retain or Replace the Questionable Periodontal or Endodontic Tooth?, Dr. Schindler, Dr. Kleiman, Dr. Upton, Dr. Carr, Dr. Kammeyer, Glendale, AZ 2.25 credit hours. 






12/7 Comprehensive Care Study Club, New Patient Interviewing, Hands On Course, Linda Kammeyer, Glendale, AZ 2.25 credit hours. 

11/22 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Literature Review of Esthetics & Function in Wear Cases, Dr. Burns, Dr. Claussen, Glendale, AZ 2.75 credit hours. 

10/26 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Interdisciplinary Management of Patients Who Have Worn Dentition, Dr. Frank Spears(DVD), Glendale, AZ 2.75 credit hours. 

9/29-10/1 TDO Scientific Session and User Meeting, San Diego, CA 22 credit hours. 

9/8 Field Cone Beam Computed Tomography in Endodontics, Dr. Martin Levin, Chandler, AZ 2 credit hours.

8/31 Comprehensive Care Study Club, "Graftless" Partially and Completely Edentulous Treatment Options, Dr. Mark Montana, Glendale, AZ 2.5 Credit hours.

6/17 Emerging Diseases & Infection Control, Nancy Andrews RDH, BS, Scottsdale, AZ 6 credit hours. 

5/27 Chemical Dependency, Michel Sucher MD, Scottsdale, AZ 3 credit hours. 

5/24  Realizing Success in Endodontics: A Scientific Approach, Stephen P. Niemczyk DMD, Phoenix, AZ 2 credit hours. 

5/4 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Arizona Dental Board, Dr. Sam Palmer, Elaine Hygunin, 2.25 credit hours. 

4/19 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Advanced Prosthetic Group, State of the Art Prosthetics, Glendale, AZ 2.25 credit hours.

3/9 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Clinical Problem Solving, Glendale, AZ 2.25 credit hours. 

2/4 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Breakthrough Systems for Growing Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, Dr. Roger Levin, Glendale, AZ 5.25 credit hours.

2/2  The New World of Social Networking and Integrated Patient Connections, Dr. Barry Freydberg, Scottsdale, AZ 2 credit hours.

1/25 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Clinical Problem Solving, Glendale, AZ 2.25 credit hours.

1/11  Specialists in Maxillofacial Prosthetics, Angela K Stanton DDS, Mesa, AZ 2 credit hours. 







12/8 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Photography, Provisional Crowns, Mounted Casts and Impressions, Dr. Kevin Mueller, Dr. John Upton, Dr. Pat Carr, Sun City West, AZ 2.5 credit hours.

12/2  How to Develop a More Profitable and Enjoyable Practice, Gary Takacs, Gilbert, AZ 3 credit hours.

10/15 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Dentures, Implant Overdentures & Implant Maintenance, Dr. Joe Massad, Glendale, AZ 5.25 credit hours.

9/16  Focused Field Cone Beam Computed Tomography(CBCT) in Endodontics, Martin Levin DMD, Phoenix, AZ 2 credit hours.

9/14 Comprehensive Care Study Club, Review Case With Orthodontics, Orthognathic, Periodontics and Endodontic Needs, Sponsored by Scientific Metals, Glendale, AZ 2.25 credit hours. 

7/27  Dental Professional Liability Risk Management Home Study, Phoenix, AZ 8 credit hours. 

5/27 Comprehensive Care Study Club, All-Ceramic Restorations An Overview Out of Practice-For the Practice, Dr. Urs Brodbeck, Glendale, AZ 1.75 credit hours.

5/18 American Emergency Response Training, Cindy Kleiman, Peoria, AZ 4 credit hours. 

4/15-4/17  American Association of Endodontists Convention, San Diego, CA 19 credit hours. 

2/16  How to Effectively Renegotiate Your Office Lease, Lewis Gelmon, Scottsdale, AZ 2 credit hours. 





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