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Betty Schindler MBA, DDS

Practice Limited to Endodontics

13360 North 94th Drive Suite C • Peoria, AZ 85381 • (623) 933-1986
Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. Schindler & Staff,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each of you for your kindness, patient advocacy & quality care! When one's in pain and in need of urgent dental care, you came/come to the rescue, and were (are) such a blessing!


L. Nicholson

May 16, 2024 I had a root canal procedure done on my #2 tooth with Dr Schindler and it was a good experience. She and her office staff was very caring about making me relax. I have had several root canals by different dentist that made me very uneasy before and during the procedures. Dr Schindler explained what was taking place during the procedure. I couldn't believe there was no pain. I recommend Dr Schindler, in fact, if we ever would move from the area and I need a root canal, I will be coming back to her even I need to fly to Phoenix. Thank you Dr. Schindler for restoring my faith in this procedure.

Karen Bryant

The root canal I had done by Betty Schindler was by far the best dental procedure and experience I have ever had. Her experience and professionalism shows straight through, and the technology was out of this world. I wish all my dental work could be done here. Highly recommended !

Eddie Wesley Bush

I was referred to Dr. Betty Schindler. I have had horrible experiences in the past with dentists, including leaving another dental office by ambulance going straight to the hospital, therefore, I have been avoiding setting a dental appointment until I absolutely had to! Dr. Betty and her staff were unbelievable with their attention, caring, and concern for details and my understanding of the steps of my procedure. Which included contact the next day to check up and check in with me. Also, enjoyed the "before" and "after" look at my repaired tooth. I am still in awe of the excellent service received from Dr. Betty and her wonderful crew, from the door to the "chair". Thank you Dr. Betty, Bea, Kari, Kaylie, and Collin (apologies if I missed anyone). Bless you all.


Today I had my third root canal completed by Dr. Schindler and all 3 of my visits have been wonderful. Dr. Schindler takes the time to explain her procedures and answers all my questions. Her friendly staff is excellent as well! I would highly recommend Dr. Schindler.

Gregory T. Boyd

Dr. Claire Anderson worked on a very difficult tooth for me yesterday, under emergency conditions. She was absolutely wonderful to work with, and although I had been in a lot of pain (and very nervous), I almost fell asleep in her chair. The procedure ended up being highly involved, but you wouldn’t have guessed it. She had me laughing at times, too, and I felt as comfortable as I have ever been. If you are looking for a great endodontist, ask for this Army veteran and gentle soul by name. I am greatly appreciative of her and of the grace she brings to the dental office! In advance: YOU’RE WELCOME!

Carole Smith

Love Dr. Schindler! She made me feel like her friend as well as her patient. Her practice has the very best technology that allows her patients to visually see what the Dr. is seeing. The 3D X-Ray machine was an amazing learning tool for me and Dr. Schindler was able to visually explain how she would repair the tooth in question. Thanks again to the doctor and her staff for their accommodating and caring attitude!

mike eaton



I needed a last minute, emergency root canal, three days before going on an out of state vacation. Dr. Schindler and her staff got an appointment for me the same day and worked with me to identify the correct tooth needing the root canal. I was so grateful for their help since I had been in pain, but couldn't pinpoint the tooth needing dental work. They stayed after office hours to complete my root canal in one visit, even though a second visit can sometimes be necessary. I can't praise the professional staff enough and sincerely appreciate their quality dental work, caring manner, and the beautiful office environment. I would highly recommend this Doctor and her staff to everyone!

Mary Hill

Dear Dr. Schindler & Staff,

I was referred to your office for a dental procedure.  This referral was on short notice without an appointment.  I am writing to say thank you for finding the time to accomodate me which allowed my general dentist to complete his work and I didn't have to make a second trip.

I also want to complement and thank your staff for their efficiency and skill.  They were friendly and treated me like a VIP.  I appreciated your good service and the friendly treatment I received.




I was very pleased with the procedure that was done and appreciate the way everything was explained to me. 



Thank you for your wonderful competence and countenance in your practice - you made being a patient comfortable - a miracle in my


Best Regards,



Dr. Schindler and Staff,

Just want to thank you and your staff for the excellent care I received during my dental visits.


Dr. Betty Schindler,

Just an added note to thank you and your staff for your excellent caring and your beautiful smiles.  You could truly make anyones day.


Thank you so much for scheduling me so late in the day for my root canal.

Thank you also for letting my wife watch.  She was thrilled to be there and watch the process.

We are both very appreciative of the courtesy and friendliness extended to us by you and your office staff.



Dr. Schindler,

We wanted to thank you for taking the time out of your weekend to open your practice and work on my root canal. 

You made me feel at ease considering my level of pain as well as my fear of "the chair"!

Thanks again for your kindness and professionalism.


Dear Dr. Schindler, and Able Staff,

What a pleasure to find such a positive and pleasant office ambiance and caring professionals.  My wife and I look forward to a long relationship with you.  We are both endodontically prone so, I am sure we will need your services again down the line. We will certainly refer others to you as their needs arise. 




I appreciate you, Dr. Schindler and all your staff as well. Thank you so much for taking me on such short notice.




I highly recommend Dr. Schindler for quality and pain free endodontic care.




Dr. Schindler is first rate!  She and her staff made me feel quite comfortable and made my first root canal an uneventful experience!  Maybe I'll even see her for another -- just kidding - I think I will hold off for a while!

Dr. Jennifer S.


My tooth feels great!  Thank you very very much!



Betty,  You bring a positive ray of sunshine into the room and I could feel my stress and pain melt away - your skills as a dentist are as excellent as your personality. Your staff is superior to any I have been around. Cheerful - Kind... I really enjoyed getting a root canal this time. 





Dear Dr. Schindler,

Thank you for making me feel so comfortable during my visit to have a root canal.  I was very nervous when I came into your office because of what I was told by family and friends.  I was so pleased that you explained everything to me beforehand.  I am so grateful you listened to me and took measures to relieve any discomfort I was having.  I have seen a great many doctors in my lifetime and I put you at the top of my favorites.  I say this not just because of your wonderful personality but also because you have a superb supporting staff.

Thank you again,



Dr. Schindler and staff-

We can't thank you enough for working our daughter into your schedule and treating her with such kindness and gentleness. This is a tough time for our family and you and your staff made things a little easier to bear.

Thank you

The W Family


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping me through my experience.

Your kind touch really helped and I truly believe that you were able to buy some more life for my tooth.    Thank you so very much.



Dr. Schindler's strong concerns when we started were first rate.  My comfort was equally important and she had a clear understanding of how her work was part of a larger treatment plan. She examined me thoroughly to ensure that she could successfully execute the procedures requested by my prothodontist. The two hour appointment was well, actually enjoyable. Amazing!



Dr. Schindler,

I feel you provided me the best treatment that was possible!




Dr. Betty Schindler & Staff,

Thank you for the outstanding care you and your staff provided to me.  I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!




Dr. Schindler,

Though I hope I don't have another tooth that needs a root canal treatment, I wanted to say how grateful I am you had the skills to treat one of my teeth.  Thank you for enabling me to keep an important molar!

It was a pleasure to have work done by you and your good assistant.




I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am that you gave up part of your weekend to help me out; my tooth and I are forever in your debt. :)

Thanks again!



Dr. Schindler is Good! Very meticulous - conscientious - knowledgeable, and friendly!  The root canal was extremely good and was painless.  I was very happy to have her work on my tooth and I have much confidence in recommending her to others.



Thank you!  Dr. Schindler, you're the best root canal specialist I've ever been too!  You are excellent and I appreciate your kindness and professionalism.



Thank you and your staff for seeing me on such short notice and performing all the work so quickly.  I was stressed about this and you made it easier.  It feels good to have my bridge back in place.

Thanks again,




I appreciate your professional advice and caring ways.  You are what makes America Great and a leader for others.



Have no fear, Dr. Schindler is the greatest! I never even needed an aspirin when I go to her.


Dr. Schindler and the entire staff offer the best possible experience for a situation no one wants to be in - needing root canal. I was welcomed and put at ease by everyone in the office, and each step of the procedure was explained to me. I can't say enough about Dr. Schindler's knowledge, skills and professionalism. She's a real pro! She has a friendly, caring attitude, too. I highly recommend Dr. Schindler.

Clara B.

It had been 40 years since I had a root canal and let me tell you things have improved!! Thanks to Dr. Betty and her staff for making many accomodations for me!!! I am allergic to strong smells and she researched an alternative and it went great! No pain during or after...I can highly recommend this Team...all exceptional!

Cheryl Orr

Thank you so very much for the immediate care and treatment you provided to me on such a short notice.  You reflect a positive and caring attitude most medical professionals can learn from !

God Bless,

Bob & Carol

To Dr. Schindler and her staff, I would like to say a giant thank you for finding the time to accommodate my emergency root canal into your busy schedule. I would also like to say I am grateful to Dr. Schindler and her dental assistant by getting my nervousness off the procedure since dental work makes me have anxiety by making me try not to laugh with the banter you had while gently getting my root canal done. I highly recommend Dr. Schindler if you need a root canal treatment as she is very professional and treats the patient as a person instead of like a patient. A great BIG thank you to Dr. Schindler and her staff. Highly recommended!!

Tonya Jones

Glad I was referred to Dr. Schindler - she and her staff are wonderful!!! She did a great job on my root canal, I Would highly recommend her.


Thank you, Dr. Schindler, for your calm demeanor and excellent service. You and your staff all make the experience as pleasant as it can be. One of my problems with modern dentistry is the feeling of possibly drowning from water swirling around in the mouth. Your use of the dental dam when doing the root canal made the procedure much more comfortable. Two years ago I had my first root canal done by you. Today was the final work on my second one. When you gave me the choice of doing the final work without numbing the area and assured me that there would be very little discomfort, I believed you and am so glad that I did. You are the best!


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